The project case work is a central part of the exchange and allows the students to utilise their education on real problems and gain practical experience in doing so. In groups of 4-5 the students are given the opportunity to work together with interesting startups active in the Bay Area of San Francisco. The students deliver a solution to a problem such as a market plan, competitive analysis or business case. Since the project is integrated into the studies it is not a part of any employment or internship. Therefore the students do not receive any compensation such as pay. However, the students do receive a grant from the Stena Foundation which helps cover costs for travel and accommodation.

“You will be able to choose courses from a wide number of fields and study together with american students as well as exchange students from all over the world. This is combined with visits at world-leading tech companies, project work and of course the possibility to explore California in your spare time. The summer will be very instructive and above all, great fun!"

Marcus Holgersson - exchange responsible


Silicon Valley is one of the world's most attractive places for technology companies. The majority of new technological innovations are made here. The head offices of tech giants such as Google, Apple and Facebook are scattered around the Bay Area which gives the students a unique opportunity to see how they operate up close. All of the students participate on the visits which differ every year but has so far involved for example Tesla, Facebook as well as smaller startups. More detailed descriptions of the study visits are found on our blog below (in Swedish).